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Timekeeping Software for Janitorial Services

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Timekeeping Software for the Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Industry

Timekeeping Telephone or Mobile Device Standalone Kiosk
Clock in/out via telephone or mobile device Check GPS signatures of each clock in/out Geofence buildings for employees to clock in / out
Statistics / Budget Management Project Work Management/Profitability Payroll Export
Early / Late Arrivals / No Show Alerts Supply Order Notifications Time Adjustments
Automated Scheduling Task Schedules Clock in/out on mobile app or Kiosk

ExpressTime Solutions Software is built on over 30 years of Janitorial Industry Experience.

Janitorial Timekeeping Software app

The ExpressTime suite of software was built on over 30 years of service industry experience. Growing your Service Company comes with an onslot of challenges. Hiring and retaining employees that usually work in the day, evening, and /or weekends typically put the old school punch time card to the test.

Mobile timekeeping, Geofencing properties, and standalone kiosk(s) on location are a great start to solving the many challenges that lie ahead. Fort those that need it, a telephone can be used to call in / out from the designated facility being serviced. Read more about how ExpressTime can help your Commercial time management needs.

Janitorial Time Tracking app

Building by Building, property by property and employee by employee

These are just some of the ExpressTime reports that available to help manage your service company. These type of statistics and analysis tools help manage profitability by comparing actual vs budgeted time, supplies needs and fixed expenses. Manage early clock ins, overtime, and no shows with alerts. Thats right, ExpressTime will notify a supervisor if an employee is not clocked in by a specific time.

Janitorial Communications Software

Communication is paramount in any relationship. You and your client now have a console to communicate through in the event a concern needs to be raised or extra services are needed. Futher, your client communications can be translated to work orders for the cleaning crew in an effort to satisfy the clients needs in a timely manner. Supervisors have the ability to assign the areas in need to cleaning staff instantly.

janitorial timekeeping app

Janitorial Inspections Software

The work is complete and your employees have clocked out for the evening. Now what? The ExpressInspections app allows a Supervisor or team leader the ability to go through the job and perform a Janitorial Inspection or Commercial Cleaning Inspection. These inspections are vital to the success of the company. You and your client have agreed to a set of terms and conditions that must be performed. Dont wait until your customer calls to complain, or worse, cancels and hires the competition.

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Inspections app (Apple and Android)