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A web app compatible with any device putting All Communications at your fingertips

Manage Communication between you and your clients Clients can report concerns, comments or requests from anywhere/anytime Respond and assign tickets from anywhere
Promote better organization and efficient problem solving Keep employees in the field connected with office staff Keep all unresolved issues at the forefront
Send immediate notification to the entire management staff Seamless Integration between Timekeeping and Inspections Manage ticket response time
Promote better organization and efficient problem solving All real-time information Promote positive communication leads to Client Retention

One of the most stressful parts of a business is managing your accounts. Let us help you strengthen your relationships with your clients through transparent, trustworthy communication.

Communications for Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning

The ExpressTime suite of software was built on over 30 years of service industry experience. Customer Retention is equally important as employee rentention. ExpressCommunications helps bridge the gap. Customers have a portal that they can use to express concerns and view inspections, all the while Supervisors and Management can respond to and assign issues to employees. ExpressCommunications and ExpressInspections are integrated to work together thus taking a proactive approach to concerns, notes, requests, and completed inspections etc.

To Learn more about how ExpressTime can help you manage your Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Business, Click Here. Mobile timekeeping, Geofencing properties, and kiosk(s) on location are a great start to solving the many challenges that lie ahead. For those that need it, a telephone can be used to call in / out from the designated facility being serviced.

Communications for the Security Management Industry

An inspection of the property the day or night before might have uncovered a broken lock, insufficient lighting, or other issues that may have negative impacts on the property. The Client Communications portal provides a direct link to your customer or supervisors to input any issues and react right away without have to wait for a return phone call or email reply.

Communications Lawn and Lanscape Management

You cannot put a value on effective communication. ExpressCommunications gives you and your client the ability to work together to solve issues that may arise, report potential issues before they turn into costly problems, and assign work to specific crew members in an effort to see these things to completion.

Communications for Facility Management

A small apartment complex with 10 units or 100 offices now have one place to communicate useful information between your crew supervisors and the client. ExpressCommunicationss provides one place for your employees and clients to assign work orders, respond to concerns, and track progress of their tickets / requests.