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Timekeeping article

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Time Tracking Article

Timekeeping and Time Tracking are essential for companies that operate with employees outside of the owner / operator. Expresstime Solutions recognizes the importance of accurate record keeping and reports that detail the whereabouts of each and every employee right down to their GPS location.


Keeping clients informed through email and phone calls is important all the while a communications dashboard that operates real time is vital to the relationship. Expresstime Client Communications helps keep the business to business relationship successful with up to the minute information.

Janitorial Inspections

A proactive business is a successful business. Our clients enjoy customizable templates that they can custom tailor to the environment they are working in. Further, employees can be redirected to any problem areas through the software as well as grading systems and trends monitoring.

Employee Hiring and Retention

Technology helps the overall professional look and feel of your company. Expresstime helps manage your company with the ability for employees to track their hours, request time off or pick up extra shifts. Software is a great pathway to the overall look and feel of the appearance of your company.

Janitorial Inspections App

Whether in the office or on the go. Expresstime mobile is with you. Clocking in by phone or mobile GPS, setting up, completing inspections, or assigning areas for review to specific employees are just some of the ways that the Inspections app can enhance overall producivity.

Janitorial Inspections

Want to absolutely prove quality assurance to your clients? Express Inspections provides you the opportunity to verify the quality of service you promise. Express Inspections is a fully customizable janitorial inspections app which allows you to:

  • Schedule in advance or in the field
  • Set up Multiple grading scales
  • Easily add photos and notes to each inspection point
  • Trending reports by buildings, building types, room types, inspection points
  • Can be performed with or without internet connection
  • Inspections require a signature at completion for accountability

    If this is something you would like to learn more about, please contact us at 888.457.7978 or visit our website, www.expresstime.net to schedule a demonstration.

    ExpressTime Reports

    Every successful business must have accurate information to effectively manage their operations, employees, and financial wellbeing.

    ExpressTime Solutions offers a multitude of reports designed to focus on those three areas. Our clients have shared with us the importance reflected in several of those which include Statistics and Exceptions Quick/Edit

    They insist that employee cost is the biggest expense they encounter in their business. To operate successfully, they rely on ExpressTime Solutions’ Business Software. One of the primary tools used is the Statistics Report. This report is effective for managers who deal with the operational side of the business as well as owners who are focused on the financial success of the company.

    Statistics can be filtered by any specific building, area, division, or business type to show budget hours vs. actual hours and budgeted revenue vs actual employee pay including fixed cost. Having access to this information allows the managers and owner to make decisions quickly so changes can be made immediately. Realizing that your actual hours worked are exceeding your budgeted hours allows management/ownership to adjust those issues and protect profits for every assignment. As an owner, knowing your revenue vs. actual labor cost, allows you to follow every day to assure you are on track to be profitable. Benefits using statistics are at any given time:

  • Knowing your Revenue vs. Actual Labor Cost (including fixed cost) for each client and as a company
  • Knowing what percent, you are over or under budget (financially) for each client and as a company.
  • Knowing your Budgeted Time vs. Actual Time for each client and as a company.
  • Knowing what percent, you are over or under budget (scheduled hours) for each client and as a company.
  • You can drill down on any client to find where you may be over or under what you budgeted all in one place.
  • Another favorite report for our customers is the Exceptions Quick/Edit Report. This report allows you to view and amend critical data at one central point. Filtering can be done by any specific date range, employee, building, area, division, or any combo to provide the following information. The following represent some of the more important aspects which can be addressed here:
  • Partial Services-identifies that an employee has clocked in but failed to clock out
  • Short Time-identifies that an employee has clocked out too early from a scheduled
  • Excessive Time-identifies that an employee has clocked out too late from a schedule
  • No Shows-identifies an employee who has failed to keep a schedule
  • Overlapping Services-identifies an employee who has clocked into two or more buildings without clocking out of the first building
  • GPS Verification-identifies where an employee clocked in using the mobile app
  • And much more…

  • Having one central place to view all this data and make necessary changes to correct the issues saves a great deal of time and ensures that payroll runs smoothly. The report also provides management with accurate data so employees can be better trained.

    Social Media Screening

    Raise the Vibration and Create Good Energy For Your Company- Social media screening is becoming more and more popular in the candidate screening process these days. So what exactly is Social Media Screening? In a nutshell, it’s scraping data from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others to gain insight into a potential employee’s code of conduct and demeanor.

    I think we have all been in a situation where we’ve navigated difficult situations in the workplace or personality conflicts. Sometimes it can make or break a career or a department for that matter. Crude inappropriate jokes, opinionated obnoxious outbursts and the list goes on…..The energy you create within your organization or your department is important to the overall success and health of the company. No one wants to deal with HR nightmares, toxic personalities or that employee that just spreads negativity like a cancer.

    I bet you’re wondering……..is this ethical, is it legal? It is legal and it is ethical as long as companies do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, age or sexual orientation and gender identity.

    In social media platforms, people do have the right to control their own privacy settings, so what is available might be somewhat limited to how this candidate has their social media platforms set up.

    Simply put, look at it more as a personality assessment, rather than identifying any of the above discriminatory NO-NO’s.

    For more information regarding this new service and employment screening, reach out to Valiant Check.

    Payroll Exports

    ExpressTime has the ability to export your timekeeping data to ADP, Paychex, PayCom, Workday, Quickbooks, Dominion and many more.


    The Expresstime Kiosk, native to the apple operating system (Ipad) is a simple solution that provides a place for your employees to ckock in / out.

    Multiple units can be placed at the same facility along with utilitizing our mobile GPS based timekeeping, or telephone caller ID based clock in / out solution. All 3 timekeeping solutions are pointed to the same database for timekeeping and time tracking purposes.